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15 Best Levels In Hitman: World Of Assassination Trilogy

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Hitman is one of the longest running series when it comes to modern stealth games. Where most IPs of that ilk have slowly faded into obscurity, the developer has continued to hone in on its excellent design philosophy with the new series reboot. And this brings us to the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy, which is easily the best rendition of Hitman that features sprawling maps filled to brim with opportunities for tasteful executions and whacky assassinations. Now that the recently released Freelancer Mode has added even more reasons to replay and master the various maps in the trilogy, we felt that it’s time to stack these levels up against one another to decide 15 of the best levels in the modern Hitman trilogy.

Showstopper- Hitman 2016

This was the first ever modern Hitman level to be released, and the fact that it has found its place on this list speaks volumes about its tight design. Taking place in a fashion show in Paris, this level serves as a perfect beginner puzzle to those well versed with the basics of Hitman. You need to get access to a restricted area to kill one target, and you need to separate a roaming target from his personal bodyguard to dispatch him without arousing any suspicion. There are plenty of ways to do that – you can disguise yourself as the bartender to spike one of the target’s drinks, you can swap places with a model to get an easy ticket to the upper floors, or maybe disguise yourself as one of the security guards in the fashion show. You can also make the assassination look like an accident by dropping a chandelier on top of your target while he’s walking down the ramp. Or you could just let go of all that and try a Suit Only run once you’ve got your bearings.

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