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Amy Duggar Blasts Haters In New TikTok Video: Stop Simping For Jim Bob!

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Amy Duggar has long been an outspoken critic of her famous Uncle Jim Bob and his more ridiculous beliefs.

Amy has bravely spoken out against the culture of abuse that enabled Josh Duggar to get away with so much for so long.

And she’s one of the only people from the Duggars inner circle who’s willing to say that it’s a systemic problem that must be addressed from the top down.

Sadly, courageously speaking out against abuse often makes one a target for additional abuse.

Amy rings in 2023 with a festive selfie. (Photo via Instgram)

And so, while she’s earned an army of new fans over the past year, Amy has attracted a good deal of haters as well.

She addressed that crowd in her latest TikTok video.

And, as always, Amy did not pull any punches.

“Just a reminder: If you are happy, shining bright, doing your best, healing from things, you’re going to trigger someone,” Amy said to her viewers.

“And they’ll have a lot to say.”

Around her were disparaging words like “fat,” “wannabe,” “ugly” and “annoying” that had presumably been used by her haters to describe her.

Amy Duggar recently revealed that she still shares many of her family’s ultra conservative beliefs. And some fans are disappointed. (Photo via Instagram)

“Keep on hating and I’ll keep on shining!” Amy exclaimed.

Amy elaborated in the caption to her post, explaining that she plans to continue speaking her truth throughout 2023 and beyond!

“This year is my year to be Bold! Bold in my actions, bold in my faith! Bold to stand up for what is right! Bold in everything I do,” the mother of one wrote.

Amy Duggar seems happier than ever on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Amy’s followers were quick to show their support, as they have throughout her truth campaign.

“Keep shining your light!” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“You are amazing!! Needed this today,” another added.

Amy Duggar: My Family Just Plain Sucks!
Amy Duggar and Dillon King seem to enjoy a very healthy marriage. (Photo via Instagram)

“Haters gone’ hate. You’re good people. We like you,” a third chimed in.

“I’ve loved seeing you share your story and the truth!! You’ve helped me more than you could know,” a fourth added.

“So true but you’re way ahead of them,” yet another chimed in.

Amy Duggar Has Tea to Spill
Amy Duggar King took to her Instagram Stories to make sure that fans and followers know that she has a lot of things to say if she can get out of her NDA.

One fan decided to seized the opportunity to ask Amy about her relationship with her family.

“Do you talk to your uncle and aunt now?” this person inquired.

Not surprisingly, Amy revealed that she is no longer on speaking terms with Jim Bob and Michelle.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have lost a considerable amount of weight. And fans are worried about their health. (Photo via Instagram)


“If I talked to them I wouldn’t hold back. but for now. I do not speak to them,” she said.

Well, we guess that stands to reason.

And if we had to guess, we would say Amy probably won’t be talking to the other Duggars for a very long time.

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