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Atomic Heart Guide – How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

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Mundfish’s Atomic Heart is a pretty sizable game, but thankfully, it’s Achievements/Trophies aren’t too difficult to unlock. You’ll receive the usual for defeating bosses and completing the story, but the trickiest Achievements/Trophies require some craftiness. Let’s look at how to unlock all of them.

How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements


Awarded for having Hedgie, one of the bosses, destroy all five statues in the arena. You can’t shoot at it during this time, and once the first statue is destroyed, you must wait for the others to be activated. Repeat this process, and the Trophy/Achievement should be yours. It’s missable, so reload from the last save data if you accidentally fire at Hedgie before the statues are destroyed.

Make It Go Round

Unlocked after defeating Hedgie.

Chop Chop Chop

Earned by killing Belyash, another boss, with a melee weapon. You can’t use guns or abilities, so equip your strongest melee weapon and go to town. Again, this is missable, so if you don’t get it, reload the save data and try again.

Medium Rare

Unlocked after defeating Belyash.

Plyusch Rush

Unlocked after defeating Plyusch.

Show’s Over

Unlocked after defeating Natasha.

Dew Point

Unlocked after defeating Dewdrop

Murderous Beauty

Unlocked after defeating the Twins. You need to choose to confront Sechenov before the climax instead of leaving Facility 3826.

Happy Polymerization Day!

This Trophy/Achievement is pretty easy to get. All you have to do is meet the Twins and fly out of Chelomey. It’s all part of the story, so follow the objective markers.

Pistils and Stamens

Escape Vavilov, which is unlocked as part of the story.

Tickets, Please!

After you successfully take the train at Lesnaya Maglev station, this Trophy/Achievement becomes unlocked.

Quite an Achievement

Unlocked after progressing through the VDNH complex.


Finish a performance in the theater to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Medical Checkup

Unlocked after going to the hospital.

Freedom Reflex

Upon exploring Pavlov, this Trophy/Achievement is unlocked.

Kommunism 2.0

Unlocked after discovering the AoC’s secret.

Atomic Heart

Unlocked by completing the game in Hardcore Mode.


Unlocked by creating a weapon in the crafting machine.

Weapon Master

After creating five types of weapons, this Achievement/Trophy will unlock.

Lord of War

Collect all weapons in the game to receive this. You can check our guide here for their locations.


Unlocked by crafting every single type of consumable.


Collect 100 Jelly to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

The Great Inventor

Upgrade a single weapon to its max level. You can learn how to upgrade weapons by reading our guide here.

Lefthand Mastery

Unlock all upgrades in a single skill tree to receive this. Read our guide on skills over here.

How Can I Help You?

When in Chelomey, use a phone booth. It’s missable if you don’t explore enough, so keep that in mind.

The Necromancer

Speak to all of the dead people to unlock this.

Burning Ears

Locate all the Chirpers.

More Than Profit

Locate all of the Lootyagins. Check out our guide here for more details.


Find a Testing Ground to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.


Find and complete all of the Testing Grounds. Check out our guide here for its location.


Unlocked by scanning all the enemies. Press R1/RB on consoles, then hold it down to scan. Left Alt does the same thing on PC.


A reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender, this Trophy/Achievement requires killing ten burning enemies, ten electrified enemies and ten frozen enemies. Use the requisite weapons and abilities, and it should be easy to complete.


Get 25 headshots while aiming with the Makarov pistol.

Below Zero

Unlocked by freezing a Vova in mid-air. The best way to do this is to wait until it does a dropkick.

Assimilation Procedure Interrupted

While exploring the Vavilov Complex’s Pesticide Lab, follow a flying sprout and kill it before it mutates a corpse.

Bull’s Eye!

Take down an Owl by throwing an object with Telekinesis.

Triple Penetration

Kill three or more enemies with only one shot from the Railgun. Check out our guide here to find the blueprint of the Railgun.

Hands on the Hood

Unlocked by hitting 20 enemies with a car.

Atomic Heart is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Check out our official review here.

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