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China is set to top a billion 5G connections within two years

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5G is set to become the dominant mobile technology in mainland China in 2024, surpassing LTE in the process, new research has claimed.

According to a report from the GSM Association (GSMA), the organization said it expects China to be the first country in the world to hit 1 billion 5G connections. That significant milestone, GSMA believes, should be hit some time in 2025. 

By 2030, GSMA predicts China to have 1.6 billion 5G connections, with adoption sitting at 88%. 

LTE in freefall

In 2023, the report adds, mainland China accounts for almost two-thirds (around 60%) of all global 5G connections, with the number of compatible base stations has now surpassed 2.3 million. When it comes to the adoption of LTE, on the other hand, GSMA expects this to drop from 64% in 2022, to below 50% this year. 

The move is going to leave major consequences on the Chinese economy, the organization further stated, claiming it will add $290 billion to its economy in 2030. Virtually all industries are expected to benefit from the increasing adoption of 5G.

Internet of Things (IoT), a system of internet-connected devices whose sensors generate mountains of data from the physical world, stands to gain the most from 5G. Licensed cellular IoT connections, GSMA explains, should grow from 1.8 billion last year, to 3.6 billion by 2023. 

China’s biggest telecommunications firms are expected to set aside more than $290 billion in capital expenditure between today and 2030, most of which will go for 5G-powering projects. 

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