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Dead Space Remake Guide – All Weapon Locations Guide

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Dead Space was a major contributor to the space horror genre and made quite an impact when it was first launched in 2008. The remake was welcomed with open arms, and the addition of a brand new ending made it all the more popular. Not only that, but the game also has 324 collectibles, making it quite challenging for perfectionists. This guide only covers weapons. Keep an eye out for the upcoming articles for the rest of the collectibles.

All Dead Space Weapon Locations

Chapter 1 (New Arrivals)

  • Plasma Cutter – Located on a bench in Service Workshop after you’ve gone down the elevator.
  • Stasis Module – Behind the right door from the Tram Control Room. You can find the Stasis Module in the front of the broken door.

Chapter 2 (Intensive Care)

  • Kinesis Module – At the beginning of the chapter right in front of you.
  • Pulse Rifle – A dying security office will drop the weapon. Use kinesis to shove away the obstacles and travel upwards towards the Medical Tram Station where you’ll find the officer.

Chapter 3 (Course Correction)

  • Ripper – Visit the Machine shop and the weapon will be lying on the ground right at the entrance.
  • Flamethrower – On your way towards the Fuel Storage the weapon can be found in the hallway, stuck to a corpse beside the wall.

Chapter 4 – (Obliteration Imminent)

  • Contact Beam – Once you have Clearance Level 2, head to the Records Office where you can find the weapon lying on the floor.

Chapter 5 – (Lethal Devotion)

  • Line Gun – Once you have Clearance Level 2, head inside the Emergency Equipment Storage.

Chapter 6 – (Environmental Hazard)

  • Force Gun – Once you have Clearance Level 2, head inside West Seedling Room A.

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