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Dead Space Remake Guide – All Weapon Upgrade Locations Guide

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Weapons Upgrades are an important part of Dead Space Remake. As the levels advance, the enemies get stronger, and without powerful weapons, you’ll find it extremely difficult to put them down efficiently. This guide contains the upgrade locations for all of the arms, alongside the credits required to do so. Let’s begin.

All Dead Space Weapon Upgrade Locations

Chapter 2 (intensive Care)

  • Cartridge Pack (Plasma Cutter) – Enter the Ishimura clinic after blowing up the barricade. The upgrade should be on the bench.

Chapter 3 (Course Correction)

  • Heat Accumulator (Plasma Cutter) – Buy it from the shop for 11,000 Credits.
  • Kinetic Autloader (Pulse Rifle) – After unlocking the Pulse Rifle, you can buy the upgrade from the shop for 11,000 Credits.
  • Ricochet Tracer (Ripper) – After unlocking the Ripper, buy it from the shop for 11,000 Credits.
  • Gellified Hydrazine (Flamethrower) – After unlocking Flamethrower, buy it from the shop for 11,500 Credits.

Chapter 4 (Obliteration Imminent)

  • C.S.I Custom Magazine (Pulse Rifle) – On a shelf, located inside the Electrical Systems Storage. To open the room, stand beside the broken window and move the boxes using kinesis. Once the path is clear, shoot the fuse to unlock the door.
  • Supersymmetry Tether (Contact Beam) – After unlocking the Contact Beam, buy it from the shop for 12,000 Credits.

Chapter 5 (Lethal Division)

  • Ionized Capacitor (Line Gun) – After unlocking the Line Gun, buy it from the shop for 11,500 Credits.

Chapter 6 (Environmental Hazard)

  • Angled Launcher (Ripper) – B. Andonov’s Office which is the first one to the left in Flow Control. The upgrade is situated inside a desk.
  • Subsonic Oscillator (Force Gun) – After unlocking the Force Gun, buy it from the shop for 12,000 Credits.

Chapter 7 (Into the Void)

  • Macroliter Fuel Tank (Flamethrower) – You must have Clearance Level 3. Adjust the circuit breaker to zero gravity in order to float down to the floor beneath. The upgrade is situated on the floor of the Utility Room.

Chapter 8 (Search and Rescue)

  • Weighted Blades (Plasma Cutter) – Inside the Maintenance Locker Room on a seat.

Chapter 10 (End of Days)

  • High-Yield Grenades (Pulse Rifle) – Take the elevator inside Atrium and travel to Water Purification where the first Master Override door is located. The upgrade can be found inside the first locker.
  • Precision Lasers (Line Gun) – Open the Master Override chest inside Hydroponics. You can find it in the hallway connecting the Mining Tram Station and Hydroponics Central Hub.
  • Diffraction Module (Contact Beam) – Open the Master Override chest inside Tools Storage. In order to get there, go to the first room of the Mining Deck. Now create a path to Tools Storage by sliding the boxes using kinesis to uncover a Master Override door. The weapon upgrade will be inside a Master Override Chest.
  • Carbon-Fiber Blades (Ripper) – Visit the Machine Shop. You’ll have to travel through the Tram Station, Engineering and Preparation Room to reach the destination. Once there, head towards the back and you’ll find a Master Override Chest containing the upgrade.
  • Portable Heliotron (Contact Beam) – Go to Medical and travel down to Main Lab. Take the back hallway to access the Bioprosthetics Locker Room. You’ll need Security Level 3 to open it. Once inside, you can find the upgrade on the Workbench.
  • Photon Energizer (Line Gun) – Go to the hallway connecting Cryogenics and Chemical Lab. You’ll need Security Level 3 to access Lab Storage. The upgrade is located in a crate inside that room.
  • Gravitic Amplifier (Force Gun) – While you’re destroying the second tendril in the Deluxe Quarters, travel inside the Guest Consultant’s Suites. After ending the conversation, you can find the upgrade lying on a table inside the room.
  • High-Pressure Nozzle (Flamethrower) – Go to Deluxe Quiet Bunks and grab the battery. Place it in the circuit breaker beside the bathrooms to enable the doors, which will lead you to the Deluxe Shift Bunks. There is a Master Override chest inside the room containing the upgrade.

Chapter 11 (Alternate Solutions)

  • Suspension Module (Force Gun) – Located inside a Master Override chest beside a bit of corruption.

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