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Deep Rock Galactic Has Sold Over 5.5 Million Units

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“Rock and stone” continues to be the rallying cry for Deep Rock Galactic players, and 2022 was the co-op shooter’s most successful yet. In a recent Year in Review post on Steam, Ghost Ship Games revealed over 5.5 million sales across all platforms. Over 2.3 million occurred last year.

In terms of user engagement on Steam, the average user spent 42 hours and 45 minutes playing the game. Players have collectively logged 25,691 years since launch in 2018, with 506,929 players racking up over 100 hours. When Deep Rock Galactic was available with PlayStation Plus in January 2022, 9.5 million players claimed it.

Over 750,000 players also joined through Xbox last year (though how many were through Game Pass is unknown). Other interesting stats include fall damage being the number one cause of death, followed by Glyphid Grunts and friendly fire.

Deep Rock Galactic is currently in the middle of Season 3, which added a chance for Meteor Showers to occur during missions. Seasons last about six months, so Season 4 should land in April. Stay tuned in the meantime.

Deep Rock Galactic - 2022 in Review

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