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Destiny 2 – Linear Fusion Rifle Nerfs and Machine Gun Buffs Coming in Season 20

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Bungie has revealed quite a lot about Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall, and changes coming in Season 20. But what about balance changes? Which weapons will reign supreme? In a new article, the developer revealed that Linear Fusion Rifles are finally getting a nerf.

Damage against Champions, mini-bosses, bosses and vehicles dropping by 15 percent. This doesn’t affect Sleeper Simulant and Queenbreaker. As Machine Guns, they’re receiving a 10 percent damage increase with time-to-kill on Guardians with Tier 6 Resilience reducing for High-Impact and Rapid-Fire Frames. The best part is that reserve ammo is increased by 50 percent, so Machine Guns with low reserves get a massive boost.

Heavy Grenade Launchers will deal 20 percent more damage to Champions, mini-bosses, bosses and vehicles and 40 percent more against minor foes. Projectile collision is also improved while the blast radius increases by one meter. Parasite remains unchanged due to its already being very strong.

For more details, check out the article – it has good news for Kinetic Weapons. Destiny 2: Lightfall and Season 20 begin on February 28th, following 24-hour maintenance the day prior.

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