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Halo Infinite Kicks Off Season 3: Echoes Within With a Promise for More “Consistency” For the Future

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With the release of Halo Infinite‘s season 3, Echoes Within, developer 343 Industries has revealed on Xbox Wire that it hopes for more consistency with its content updates for the game going forward. Head of live performance Sean Baron has stated that the launch of Season 3: Echoes Within is meant to be the “beginning of what seasonality is for Halo Infinite“.

“In our preview of Season 3, I said that this is the beginning of what seasonality is for Halo Infinite,” says Baron. “But ‘seasonality’ is restrictive. To me, seasonality is really about consistency – we need to be consistent in everything.”

What this consistency is meant to be seems to be a more consistent update schedule for Halo Infinite where content draughts become less common as the game goes on.

“I feel very confident with where we’ve gone with Season 3, and I have very strong confidence that we’re going to be able to keep improving that consistency, and avoid, completely, the long seasons of the past,” Baron continues. “We’re going to be more consistent. We’re going to continue to evolve the game in close partnership with our players. We’re focused on shipping Season 3 and then, as Chief said, we’re ‘[r]eady to get back to work.’”

Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within brings with it a host of new content, including three new maps, as well as a new game mode in the form of Escalation Slayer. It is available as a free update to all Halo Infinite players, with a battle pass that can be purchased for extra rewards.

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