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LISTEN: DJCJ Brings the Bass In Recent Must-Hear Single, “RICK AND MORTY”

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Los Angeles-based DJ and producer DJCJ is making a name for himself thanks to his bass-heavy sound and ability to rock clubs and parties worldwide. His most recent single, “RICK AND MORTY” is a testament to his versatility as an artist and we can’t wait to hear where he takes his sound next. In a recent interview DJCJ got to dig deeper and talk about his unique lifestyle as a tour artist; read the interview below and be sure to stream the rising artist’s impressive new release as well.


Question: Did you start out wanting to make dance music?

DJCJ: Initially, I went to college to study “Jazz Guitar” to become a professional musician. A lot of Wes Montgomery in there, a lot of which I still adore. But, since college is the place to try anything, I discovered Ableton and EDM. From there, I realized I needed to follow this rabbit hole.

Question: Do you have DJ residencies?

DJCJ: Honestly, I am lucky to be at venues like Poppy, Nightingale, and Bootsy Bellows, and that’s just in LA. A few other places are Canary & Hotel Shangri-La (both in Santa Monica), Nova in San Jose, and much more.

Question: Any preference for what you like to play?

DJCJ: I like high energy. Outside of that, my job is to see what the crowd is into, so there’s no one answer to that question. Things are kept relatively eclectic as I switch things up quite a bit and include a few different hybrid styles that feel unique to me.

Question: What inspires your music?

DJCJ: Pop culture. I love it. Memes, I incorporate that into my work. I am obsessed, and having that in my work shows that it is okay to have fun with this. Music can be fun.

Question: What’s your work/life balance?

DJCJ: There are many sacrifices for art, so I will let you know when I have a work/life balance.

‘LISTEN: DJCJ Brings the Bass In Recent Must-Hear Single, “RICK AND MORTY”

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