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LISTEN: Nitro Fun Delivers a Feel-Good Banger with “Call Me Up”

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Mexican electronic music producer Nitro Fun has released his latest single “Call Me Up” on Dim Mak, and it’s sure to be a hit with dance music fans. The track features Nitro Fun’s signature style of melodic house and showcases his technical abilities and musical versatility. The vocals by Namelle add an emotional layer to the track that will give listeners goosebumps.

Nitro Fun has managed to combine his passion for music and gaming to create a unique brand identity, and “Call Me Up” takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to his childhood. The track is inspired by Nitro Fun’s younger years playing the first PlayStation, and the feel-good vibe is infectious. The track has a catchy melody that will have audiences up and dancing in no time.

Dim Mak, the independent record label behind Nitro Fun’s latest release, has a reputation for discovering and developing some of the biggest names in dance music, and Nitro Fun is no exception. “Call Me Up” is a testament to Nitro Fun’s skills as a producer, and the partnership with Dim Mak is a match made in heaven.

‘LISTEN: Nitro Fun Delivers a Feel-Good Banger with “Call Me Up”

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