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PlayStation VR2 Working on PC Will be “Very Unlikely” According to Homebrew Developer

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While industrious users were able to get the original PlayStation VR headset working on PC, according to these same developers, the idea seems to be quite unlikely for the upcoming PlayStation VR2. Caught by RoadToVR, a Reddit thread about the topic has a developer for PlayStation VR-to-PC compatibility software iVRy Driver for SteamVR talk about how difficult it would be to do the same for the PlayStation VR2.

“You would be wasting your money, as there is no guarantee you could ever use it on a PC, and quite a good chance that you won’t be able to,” says the developer, who goes by Mediator Software. “The original PSVR is (electronically) equivalent to a monitor and so it it is relatively simple to get a video signal up on it. Reading sensors etc. took a lot of reverse engineering, and at least a year from release before anyone figured that out. It then took a couple more years before it was usable as a PC VR headset. Tracking and controllers (using the original hardware) is still very much a work in progress, over 5 years from release. That is without Sony making any effort to prevent non PS4 users from using it.”

The developer also talks about how some of the newer features of the PlayStation VR2 might make things harder for homebrew software developers to try porting the hardware over for use on PC, such as the new headset’s use of inside-out tracking rather than external tracking hardware. Considering the amount of work needed for it to happen, Mediator Software believes that it is unlikely that it will happen in five years of the new PlayStation VR2’s release.

The PlayStation VR2 is a little over a month from launch. Recently, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey revealed that he was “blown away” by the headset after getting to use it.

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