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Redfall Trailer Showcases Locations, Surreal Levels, Co-op Combat, and More

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A new trailer for Arkane Studios’ Redfall premiered at IGN Fan Fest 2023, showcasing the world itself. Set in Redfall, Massachusetts, where the sun is blocked out, and vampires have taken over, players control a range of survivors who must fight back. The town has changed significantly, with some buildings left in ruins while the vampires’ followers set up checkpoints and barricades.

There are several abandoned locations (like the Coast Guard Station) and safe rooms to investigate, where you’ll find different loot. Investing in special vampire-killing tools, like stakes, is important as they can leave the vampires vulnerable. Be careful, though – some Vampires prefer telekinesis, but others are content to rush at you with brute strength.

Some more Psychic Nests are also seemingly showcased and teased even more surreal environments that players will explore. Redfall is out on May 2nd for Xbox Series X/S and PC, along with launching on Game Pass. There was controversy over physical copies not having a disc, but Bethesda has clarified this isn’t the case for Xbox Series X/S.

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