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Redfall Will Feature a Dynamic Dialogue System

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From a greater emphasis on shooter combat to its open world settingRedfall is shaking up the Arkane formula in a number of major ways. Another one of those is the inclusion of co-op, with the game featuring four unique playable characters. Of course, Arkane has also always prided itself on things such as storytelling and character interactions, and that’s not going to go away in spite of its focus on co-op.

Speaking recently with GamesRadar, studio director Harvey Smith revealed that Redfall will feature a “dynamic dialogue system” that, as that descriptor suggests, will see characters interacting with each other dynamically based on what the squad’s composition is (though all four players can play as the same character, as Arkane has previously confirmed). Additionally, characters that play with each other more will also see more intimate interactions with each other, eventually also unlocking what’s called a “Trust Buff”.

“We have a very dynamic dialogue system where, depending on what heroes you put together in combination, they will talk to each other and get to know one another,” Smith explained. “And we have a mechanical system where the longer the heroes play together, the more intimate their dialogue lines become and, eventually, they’ll get a game mechanic buff called the ‘Trust Buff.’”

Smith didn’t explain what the Trust Buff mechanic is exactly, but it isn’t surprising to see an Arkane title blending narrative and gameplay elements and turning them into a unique mechanic in and of itself. Of course, Redfall will also be playable solo, which will see players experiencing it without any AI-controlled companion characters, so this is something that is seemingly going to be reserved for the co-op experience.

Redfall is set to launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC in the first half of 2023, and will also be available via Game Pass on day 1. Leaks have claimed that the game is targeting an early May launch.

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