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Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways is a Longer, “More Extensive” Paid DLC – Rumor

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Resident Evil 4 remake is out later this week, and the critical reception has been overwhelmingly positive thus far (read our review here). With The Mercenaries and PlayStation VR2 content on the way as free updates, what else can fans look forward to?

According to leaker AestheticGamer, aka Dusk Golem, on Twitter, Separate Ways is a separate paid DLC that’s “more extensive” and will “probably” release “later this year.” On Resetera, they reiterated that it’s down-the-line DLC” that will be “longer and more fleshed out than the original Separate Ways.”

Separate Ways is a side story in Resident Evil 4, added for other platforms after the GameCube version’s release. It has Ada Wong as a playable character with a handgun, unique melee attacks, and a hookshot for accessing different areas of the map. Sections like the battle in the Village have a new twist, and players learn more about her involvement in the story.

Capcom hasn’t officially confirmed the DLC or if it’s coming at any point, so stay tuned for more details. Resident Evil 4 is out on March 24th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4 and PC.

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