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Revenant Hill Announced for PS4, PS5 and PC by Night in the Woods Developer

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The Glory Society, who developed the stellar Night in the Woods, and Finji, publisher of I Was a Teenage Exocolonist and Tunic, have announced Revenant Hill. This side-scrolling adventure game stars Twigs, a cat bearing some resemblance to Mae from Night in the Woods. It’s 1919, and she must pay rent on her lodging near a graveyard.

Along the way, she’ll grow and sell crops, make friends (and enemies), speak to ghosts, party with witches and demons, build a community and watch the world change over the years. You can also create hexes and charms, visit the “stranger parts” of the world, and ultimately strive to become a witch’s familiar. As the world changes, some malevolent force starts manifesting, and it’s your job to fight back.

Other collaborators on the project include A Shell in the Pit, who is doing sound design; Secret Lab, which is working on the dialogue system; and Priscilla Snow, who is composing the music. Finji is in charge of QA, marketing, launch management and more. There’s no release window, so stay tuned for more updates.

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