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Sleep Week 2023 – seven days of sleep-boosting tips

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Sleep Awareness Week 2023 is happening now, and here at TechRadar we’re celebrating with a collection of articles dedicated to helping you get the best sleep you possibly can. Alongside death and taxes, sleep is something we all have in common, and quality sleep every night is essential for both your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re not sleeping well, that’s not something you have to put up with, so stick around this week for essential advice on how to improve your slumber.

Sleep Awareness Week is an annual event organized by the National Sleep Foundation to raise awareness about the connection between quality sleep and better health. This year it runs from Sunday 12 March to Saturday 18 March, encompassing World Sleep Day on Friday 17 March.

To ensure you don’t miss a thing during Sleep Week, we’ll be updating this page every day with fresh articles from sleep experts, so be sure to bookmark it and keep coming back so that you can discover all you need to know about sleep and how to do it better.

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Sleep Week 2023: how to sleep better

This week we’ll be looking at all manner of sleep-boosting subjects, casting an expert eye on matters such as how to fall asleep faster, whether having an afternoon nap is good for your sleep or not, and how you can wake up early without feeling groggy for the rest of the day. We’ll also tackle the big issue that can be a real sleep-buster for many: how can you stop snoring?

We’ll also be looking into the realities of using a sleep tracker, and as for the practicalities of getting the best night’s sleep, every night, we can of course point you to the best mattress for your individual requirements (and help you get the best prices when you buy). If you haven’t changed your mattress in a few years, buying a new one could be the one big change you need to shake up your sleep. 

Beyond that we can also direct you to the best pillow for your needs, as well as providing expert recommendations on other bedding for those essential final touches that can help you sleep well and awaken feeling fully refreshed.

Here are a few articles to get you started on the road to superior slumber…

Sleep Week 2023: expert advice and explainers

I tried the 4 7 8 sleep method to see if it does help you fall asleep faster
One writer puts this viral sleep technique to the test to see how effective it is at helping you to fall asleep and to destress before bedtime. It’s all over TikTok, but does that mean it’s any good? Time to find out. Deep breath… 

Sleep Week 2023: tech and sleep products

Sleep Week 2023: essential sleep buying guides

What is Sleep Awareness Week?

Sleep Awareness Week was launched by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) in 1998 as a way to put more emphasis on the importance of getting regular, good quality sleep. Ever since it launched, Sleep Week (as it’s fondly known) has been a way to open up the conversation about sleep: how to do it better, for longer, and why getting your seven to nine hours a night is important. 

The NSF promotes Sleep Awareness Week as an excellent way to help you be your Best Slept Self. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure you have a relaxing bedtime routine in place each night, including going to bed at the same time and winding down fully before you close your eyes. 

Some other sleep tips you can use to be your best slept self include the following:

  • Stick to a consistent sleep and wake up schedule
  • Limit your use of tech (or using night mode) in the hour before sleep
  • Avoid consuming caffeine after midday as it can affect how fast you fall asleep
  • Don’t exercise too vigorously close to bedtime as it can wake you up
  • Practice a deep breathing technique for sleep
  • Use a good sleep app to relax your mind and body for sleep
  • Ensure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet – use sleep earplugs to block out noise

This article is part of TechRadar’s Sleep Week 2023 celebration (running until Saturday 19 March), a week-long look at all things slumber. We’ll be bringing you proven techniques and tips to help you sleep better, and have rounded-up all the top-rated tech to transform your sleep.

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