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The Blonds Close Out NYFW with High Glam Romance

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As New York Fashion Week came to a close, The Blonds had something to say. Presenting a Fall/Winter collection inspired by romantic icon, actress, and style star Elizabeth Taylor, The Blonds FW23 is colorful, dramatic, glistening, and grand.

Over-the-top camp is expected from the American brand, but this season the glam was set on high. The show opened with the Blonds founder Phillipe Blond in a big blonde wig, strutting down the runway in a black high neck long sleeve catsuit decorated with the brand’s name in a bedazzled font. Blond also wore a black maxi faux fur coat –designed by independent designer Adrienne Landau– which, even with its fullness, could not outdo the outsized jewels around his neck.

Photo: Purple PR

Phillipe set the tone for the show because what followed was even bigger hair, jewels, and looks. The big jewels speak to the Elizabeth Taylor influence, as the famed actress was a jewelry enthusiast. However, instead of keeping her spirit alive in a literal way, The Blonds creative directors, Philippe and David, used oversized jewels as more than just jewelry. Blown-up emeralds, canary diamonds, sapphires, rose, and rubies sit large on low-sitting skirts, the busts of mini dresses, and pasty detail on lamé jumpsuits..

Photo: Purple PR

The larger vision of the collection expands pasts Taylor’s lush love for all things fancy and looks at three famed films: Valley of the Dolls, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Butterfield 8.

Juxtaposed with Taylor’s grandiose glamor, this collection tells a story of what happens when we fall in and out of love and dream the longing dream of that perfect someone. Through crystal-encrusted necklines, color, sparkle, and eveningwear that are sure to get you noticed, David and Philippe introduce us to what they call “the Valley of the Blonds.’

This season, The Blonds woman is just as fearless and forthcoming as before, but at the heart of it, behind her diamond-tough exterior, she just wants pure, honest love like the rest of us.

Photo: Purple PR
Photo: Purple PR
Photo: Purple PR

Fun party-ready fabrics like sequins and velvet take hold of this collection with the occasional faux fur. This Blonds woman may be lovesick, but she’s nothing if not still sexy. Plunging necklines, high-leg slits, and breathtaking corsets round out this collection, and velvet bows are a common detail because, well, she is a doll after all.

Photo: Purple PR
Photo: Purple PR

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