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Umi’s Friends partners with Colizeum to bridge Web2 & Web3 gap

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Umi’s Friends is extremely pleased and takes great pleasure in making their official announcement of having formed a mutually beneficial association with Colizeum. This entity is an absolute top-of-the-line blockchain game store, which is instrumental in making the viable connection between Web2 and Web3 gaming. This entity, Colizeum is actively engaged in offering a creative solution in terms of incorporating a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn economy into just about any game. This, in turn, offers developers a simpler and quicker way of giving their players a chance to earn rewards for their in-game activities. 

According to reliable sources in Umi’s Friends, it happens to be this very Play-to-Earn module that will seemingly take over the online gaming industry in the future. The entire team happens to be just about extremely excited about its association with that Colizeum and the provided opportunity of being able to incorporate this winning aspect where more games are concerned. Further to all of that, this will also be a proving point for the building of new exposures where all of the players are concerned, in providing them with new experiences. At the same time, it will open the doors for the connected players to be in the position of obtaining rewards in return for their efforts. 

Colizeum, on its part, happens to be a one-of-its-kind project which is actively engaged in the exploration of brand-new ways of interacting and engaging with the crypto and blockchain arena. It also happens to have the added task of merging with Web3 technology and, in the bargain, creating new ways for users to interact with decentralized applications. 

On the part of Umi’s Friends are presently involved with the introduction of their very own GameFi project and assuring themselves that all matters related to technicalities are correctly looked into and resolved. They, on their part, are leaving no stone unturned in making their platform much more dependable, safe, and upgradeable overall. In the present scenario, they have full faith in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology capabilities. They unitedly agree that it is indeed the way into the future. They firmly believe that matters related to smart contracts, DAOs, and decentralized finance greatly increase prospects from all fronts. 

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