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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide – How To Level Up Fast and Reach Maximum Level

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Souls like games are usually arduous to begin with. Being underleveled on top of being a difficult experience will lead to numerous losses, souring the overall gameplay experience. Fast and efficient leveling is therefore necessary in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty if you want to keep up with the in-game content, and in this guide we’ll help you achieve the same. By the end, you’ll know how you can soar through the ranks and become an unfathomable force on the battlefield.

How leveling works in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • In order to level up, you’ll need to farm Genuine Qi. It’s dropped by defeated enemies, and once you have enough, you can level up your character.
  • In order to level up, walk up to any planted Battle Flag and rest. Now select the Level Up option from the menu, and you’ll see a star. Each limb of the star represents one of the Five Phases in the game. They are Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth.
  • You’ll have to use the Genuine Qi to increase one of the five attributes and doing so levels up your character.

In the next section, we’ll discuss a few tricks to help you optimize your Genuine Qi farming techniques.

Fast leveling tips in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Search for Qi Clots and Fragments

  • There are only a handful of ways to upgrade your character other than generating Genuine Qi. Qi Clots and Fragments rank at the top of that list and offer the most value in terms of non-combat Qi farming techniques.
  • Although they differ in quality, always pick up everything you can get your hands on. When the Qi Clots and Fragments are crushed, they yield Genuine Qi in the hundreds and sometimes even thousands.
  • However, you should never use them right away. Save them until you’re right at the cusp of leveling up. They serve as emergency Genuine Qi banks and can give you that final burst of experience required to get to the next level.

Don’t Ignore Sub Battlefield Quests

  • Although you can tackle the main game content without touching any of the Sub Battlefields, we suggest you do if you want to create a powerful character. You can power through the main mission level gates with sheer skill. However, if you hate losing, then sub battlefields offer the fastest way to farm Genuine Qi.
  • In addition to Genuine Qi, the sub battlefield also offers other rewards, such as weapons collectibles and a bunch of other resources. So if you’re in the mood for farming, then doing the sub battlefield offers much greater rewards compared to killing random enemies throughout the world.

Find Decent Genuine Qi Farming Zones

  • If you’re tired of doing sub battlefields and are looking for something less time consuming but with similar results, then farming zones are your best bet. They are a great alternative to main and sub battlefields when it comes to Qi farming.
  • The idea here is to find a Battle Flag that has a high concentration of enemies around them. You’ll have to select the difficulty based on your build. If you pick a region with tough enemies, then the time taken to beat them isn’t worth it. This might take some time to set up, but once you have a crowd that you can defeat relatively quickly, mark it on the map.
  • Now proceed to mark similar Battle Flags all over the map, possibly ones that are nearby.
  • When you’re ready, run through all the locations. You can also keep doing one location over and over and to do so, simply rest at a Battle Flag to respawn the enemies.

Replay Completed Missions

  • This may seem a bit mundane, but you can replay all of the Main Battlefields in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
  • Before replaying the battles, make sure you’re fully geared so that you can defeat the boss in the lowest time possible.

Keep an Eye on the Qi Counter

  • The Qi Counter indicates when you’re ready to level up.
  • It’s located at the bottom left part of the screen and turns gold whenever you’ve gathered enough Genuine Qi to increase your level.
  • Although it’s hard to miss, make it a habit of keeping an eye on the Qi Counter, because you might end up losing a significant chunk of it if you’re not careful.
  • Yes, if you die during a battle, you’ll permanently lose half of the Genuine Qi you currently own at the time of death. It’s a significant blow to your leveling plans, especially if you have a higher rank. The Genuine Qi needed to level up in the higher levels is massive, and a single death can set you back hours worth of grind. So if you’re on a killing spree and the golden icon starts to shine, head to the nearest Battle Flag in the earnest.

Frequently Rest at Battle Flags

  • Resting at Battle Flags not only respawns dead enemies, but also lets you use unused Genuine Qi so they aren’t lost if you die accidentally during a fight.
  • If you’re using the tactic to farm enemies, then it’s a good idea to learn their attack patterns so that you can finish them off quickly.

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